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Individual Therapy       

We will work together to understand your emotions, motivations, behaviors and beliefs that have led you to the difficulties in your life and your relationships. I will aid in providing alternative ways of looking at your issues while providing a safe environment for you to do your work. Individuals will gain insight into the root causes of their emotional struggles and repetitive patterns. With time and awareness, you will have a deeper understanding into yourself, your actions, reactions and why you think or feel a certain way. With this knowledge you will be propelled towards growth and change which leads to lasting emotional transformation. 

Areas of focus include but are not limited to:

  • Finding purpose, value, or meaning in life

  • Traumatic experiences, either in adulthood or childhood -PTSD

  • Depressed mood -– lack of motivation and/or lack of enjoyment in life

  • Anxiety – generalized anxiety, panic, phobias

  • High pressure jobs 

  • Stress management at home or at work 

  • Struggles with self-esteem or self-worth

  • Traditional and non-traditional relationships (polyam, open relationships, consensual non-monogamy, etc.)

  • Difficult breakups, separations, or divorce

  • Life Transitions: (i.e., starting college, a new job, divorce, separation, moving, loss of a loved one, a new baby, empty nest)

  • Infidelity in your relationship, past or present

  • LGBTQ+ specific issues

  • Sexual issues or sexuality exploration

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